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The Ark of Salvation

The Ark of Salvation

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Being traditionally Orthodox brings us blessings in this life and in the life to come, but living an Orthodox Christian life in the modern world is difficult. This is especially true for young adults who face many new challenges. Popular atheists attack religion in the media; transgender activists have a growing influence in schools; Social Media and Internet use can cause both spiritual and physical harm.
This new edition of The Ark of Salvation has been extensively updated.

The chapters on science and medicine take into account recent developments. There are new chapters covering the transgender movement, mental illness and modern atheism.
Understanding the Orthodox approach to contemporary issues is important, but it’s more important to understand what we believe and how we worship.

The Ark of Salvation is, first and foremost, a guide to the Orthodox Church. There are chapters on various aspects of Orthodox faith and worship including the Creed, the Bible and the Divine Liturgy.
Although written in a readable style, The Ark of Salvation is traditionally Orthodox. We hope that readers will learn more about the Orthodox Christian faith and how to live in the world without being a slave to the world.

Reviews of the First Edition

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading [The Ark of Salvation] and find that the book is an excellent resource for young people, and not only for the young, but also for everyone, in providing answers to many timely and often troubling questions. It is a good catechetical handbook. Metropolitan Hilarion of New York and Eastern America.

I wholeheartedly commend all those involved in producing such a superb and helpful book, which is handsomely designed and printed. It deserves to be widely read and, one hopes, put into practice by all Orthodox Christians, both young and old. Orthodox Tradition

The Ark of Salvation is a very good book that answers many questions. We are glad to see it written and we are sure that all who make use of it will receive great benefit therefrom. We hope that many will avail themselves of this opportunity to gain much needed, and interesting, instruction. Living Orthodoxy

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